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Motive Collection for Rest and Recovery


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A Motive CBD Collection for Rest and Recovery

Motive CBD Collection for Rest and Recovery, a routine built for athletes, by athletes, and we are all athletes! Athletes with a strict workout regimen, work a MotiveCBD routine throughout their day to help rest, recover, repeat. This CBD routine starts off the day with a 1ML dose of Motive CBD Full Spectrum Oil, Motive Sandalwood Sports Cream applied as needed throughout the day, and a Muscle and Joint capsule after your activity. Each of these items is a 30 day supply, allowing you to follow this routine for a month!

You can purchase this Motive Collection for Rest and Recovery in a beautiful boxed collection, that also makes a great gift. It has everything in one place, and at a special price! It also comes with a Motive Recipe Booklet as a bonus. These items are all Natural, Vegan, Organic, and are free of heavy metals and pesticides. In addition, The Sports Cream is cruelty free, meaning it has not been tested on animals. Importantly, these items are produced, and packaged here in the United States.

Motive Rest and Recovery routine includes: