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Motive8 CBD Starter Set
Motive 8 CBD Challenge

Customize your own Motive Routine - take the Motive8 Day Challenge! Our unique Motive8 Day Challenge allows you to easily insert CBD into your daily routine. Your benefits for your routine, at your pace

clock CBD Curious? This Starter Set is a great value, and a wonderful way to find the CBD routine that is right for your body!
clock Each kit has a variety of Motive CBD items, sold separately they are a $100 value. This starter set is only $49.99!
clock Motive CBD is made of organic CBD, grown in the USA and free of pesticides and heavy metals.
clock We at Motive use CBD daily, in a routine, as part of our active lifestyle to rest, recover and rejuvenate. We want you to feel comfortable with your routine and trying a variety of items is a great way to start!
clock Begin your day with 1 oz. of our Motive CBD oil, in your coffee, tea, try our smoothie recipe, or straight from the tincture dropper. Pick your favorite flavor!
clock Take a break! Enjoy a Motive CBD Fruit Chew, refresh with 2 Motive CBD Freshmints, or a Motive CBD Toothpick.
clock Recover after your exercise routine, with one of Motive CBD’s relaxing creams. Apply the cream to areas where soreness or inflammation may persist.
clock Settle down for a restful sleep with Motive CBD’s unique sleep caplet. Take 1 caplet an hour before bed.
MOTIVE8 Starter Set

Become a Motive8tor. Use #Motive8 in your social posts, and we will send you a custom Motive CBD T-shirt just for having met the challenge!