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Nick Mangold was a seven-time Pro Bowl selection and a three-time All-Pro selection during his career with the NY Jets. Mangold was also first team All-American at Ohio State University and twice earned All-Big Ten Honors. Mangold supports a number of local and national charitable organizations including “Answer The Call” which supports the families of fallen New York Police, Fire & Transit Workers; Little St. Nick Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project. He is a proud father of four children. Parenting is a big part of why Nick Mangold works so hard to stay well. His kids keep him very active. CBD helps.

Nick's Routine

Nick Mangold spent 11 years in the NFL, and the constant action of that lifestyle takes a toll on your body. We asked Nick to tell us more about his active lifestyle now that he has retired, and how Motive CBD fits into his desire to stay well.

Q: Nick, what keeps you active?
A: My Kids! I am walking them to school, involved in their day, picking them up, going to swim lessons. You name it. All the things about being a Dad, I love.

Q: How do you start your day?
A: When I wake up, I take a Motive Muscle and Joint capsule to help me stay loose and feeling good. After I get the kids to school, I will have a dropper of Motive Active Orange oil.

Q: What is your exercise routine?
A: Now that I am retired, I work out like a lot of people – lift weights, get cardio on the bike – generally being active in the gym. After a workout, I love the new Motive Roll-on gels. They go in my gym bag, and I just roll them on to wherever I’m feeling tight after my workout.

Q: How do you wind down at night?
A: Before bed, I take another Motive muscle and joint capsule. I have found this routine to really help me and the way my body feels.

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