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What's Your Motive?

We Are All Athletes

This isn’t just some catchy brand message, this is who we truly are, and what we truly believe.

Motive CBD is founded by people who are active, everyday. We seek the best from ourselves, in everything we do. We ask ourselves how what we are doing can be done better, for others, and how it can improve our lives and the lives of the ones we love. 
We are passionate about our routines. They bring us comfort, they keep us disciplined and on course. They help fuel us for the next challenge, even if that challenge is getting through the work week and allowing us the fun of a weekend. We look for these routines to restore us mentally and physically. 
We look for natural products to feed our bodies and relieve our stresses. Our products are plant based, grown naturally and organically to help rejuvenate our system, and our soul. 

Whether you walk, ride, swin, bike, roll, hunt, fish, boat... you are an athlete, We Are All Athletes.


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WWE and ESPN reporter, and wellness model

“I’ve been using CBD for some time now, but @motivewellness products are on another level. They help my muscles recover faster, help me to wind down mentally and help me to SLEEP LIKE A BABY!”

- Charly Arnolt

Yoga Teacher

“My busy schedule of teaching many yoga classes each week requires me to be at my best, physically and mentally. I became MOTIVE-ated to get a good night’s sleep. Motive Sleep Capsules combine melatonin and CBD to create a soothing and long-lasting environment of ease allowing me to rest and restore for the full day ahead.“

- Julie McKay

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