Try the Motive8 CBD Starter set, and develop your own CBD routine! If you have wondered if CBD can help you, this is a great way to try it, and a wonderful value. This set is offered at $49.99 and is valued at over $100. Be curious no more, order a set today!

When we started building Motive, we understood how important a regular routine of CBD usage was to feel the benefits of CBD. It is one of the most often comments we hear… “I took CBD once and I didn’t feel anything.” Of course that is most likely true, as CBD doesn’t typically make one “feel something” in the first place.

CBD works on your cannabinoid system reducing inflammation and by doing so, pain and soreness, overtime. As we say often, CBD contains the many benefits of the hemp plant, without the THC. THC is the compound in hemp that gives one that “high” feeling. Don’t look for that feeling in CBD. It’s not there. Those of us regularly taking CBD as part of our daily activities, note that overall – there is more serenity, less aches, and fewer pain points. Overall, a generally feeling of health inside your body. Because of this, CBD allows for movement that is more often pain free, and CBD is all natural.

The idea of a routine with CBD is supported. Ask Men recently published an article about using CBD in a daily routine. They cited benefits that included reducing the inflammation associated with acne, a better body balance and less anxiety, ease of stomach aches, healthier hair and better public speaking were among the stated results. That’s an amazing range of CBD aids from those regimens.

What will you find?

The foundation of the Motive8 Starter set is an opportunity to introduce your body to your own CBD routine. A variety of CBD products that you can try out for yourself, in your own routine, for 8 consecutive days. In our Motive8 Starter set, you will find a journal to record all of the ways you may recognize changes to your body from your CBD regimen, You can also note the CBD items that you were using on specific days, and record which seemed best the best fit for you. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s activities are different. The CBD form that is best for each of us may also be different.

What is in the Motive8 Starter set?

In addition to the journal, the Motive8 Starter Set has a Motive CBD recipe booklet. This booklet has recipes that include the Motive CBD Full Spectrum Oil that is included in this collection. These are a tasty way to introduce CBD to your routine! Each Motive 8 Day Starter Set includes:

1 .25oz jar of Motive CBD Menthol Sports Cream

1 .25oz jar of Motive CBD Sandalwood Sports Cream

1  30ml tincture of Full Spectrum CBD Active Orange Oil (a 30 day supply and a $49.99 retail item by itself)

3 Motive CBD Bacon Toothpicks

4 Motive CBD Mints

5 Motive CBD Fruit Chews

4 Motive CBD Muscle and Joint Capsules

4 Motive CBD Sleep Capsules

1 Motive CBD Recipe Booklet

1 Motive8 Day Challenge Journal

Importantly, these items are produced, and packaged here in the United States.

All of this for the introductory price of $49.99! This is the usual price for the 30 day supply of CBD Oil by itself. As a result, it is an excellent value, and a great opportunity to try a variety of CBD items.

Social Media Challenge

If you like your results, please post on your social channels your results and feelings as part of our Motive8 Challenge. Please tag us, and include #Motive8DayChallenge! Just for spreading the word, we’ll send you a free Motive T-Shirt! We appreciate all who are new users to CBD giving Motive a trial. We want to help you build CBD into your life!

Purchase your Motive8 Challenge Kit today!

The NY Times posted a great article about CBD, as part of their “Scam or Not” series. It’s very informative, balanced and helpful as you consider CBD for your wellness routine.