Charly Arnolt is a believer in staying fit, both for herself and her own health. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) host and superstar has been using CBD as part of her own diligent wellness routine. CBD is one of the ways Charly chooses to stay healthy, and to recover from her intense daily workouts. We are proud to say that Charly is not only a Motive athlete, she is a Motive client using our CBD items daily in her routine.

Charly, who goes by her alias Charly Caruso in her wrestling life, joined the WWE, after a stint as a co-host on the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Bob and Tom Show,” She spent several years as a sports anchor and reporter for the FOX and CBS affiliates in her hometown of Indianapolis. She attended American University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

We asked Charly a few questions about her daily fitness routine, and CBD’s place in it.

Motive CBD: If you had to choose one thing, what motivates you to stay active?
Charly Arnolt: Personal health is my primary motivator.

Motive CBD : What’s your workout routine made up of in terms of exercises, schedule, etc.?
Charly Arnolt: I body build 5 times each week with a focus on different body parts each session. I might work on my lower body twice a week, and then my upper body 3 times per week, and then alternate that each week. I also have a hot yoga practice twice a week. It’s important to me to be active every day on average.

Motive CBD: Who is your favorite person/motivator to work out with?
Charly Arnolt: No one in particular. I am constantly motivated by “bad ass” girls in the gym who are lifting heavy and getting a good workout in. They keep me going and working hard too!

Motive CBD: How does CBD help you?
Charly Arnolt: CBD aids in my recovery while it helps me to relax.

Motive CBD: What items from Motive make up your daily CBD routine? Charly Arnolt : I usually start my day with Motive CBD Oil in the morning, sometimes mixing it into a smoothie or just ingesting it straight. During the day, and especially after a workout, I will help my muscles that I worked on with Motive CBD Sports cream. Rubbing it in to the areas I just focused on strengthening helps them recover more quickly, and not get too tired or stiff. Before bed, I will have a Motive CBD Fruit Chew to relax, and get ready for the next day.

Charly’s routine sounds great to us! We created a gift set for Charly that combines her favorite Motive items together. Save over $20 when you purchase the items together!

The NY Times posted a great article about CBD, as part of their “Scam or Not” series. It’s very informative, balanced and helpful as you consider CBD for your wellness routine.