How should I know which type of CBD to take?

Both versions of CBD – Full Spectrum or Isolate – are helpful extracts from the Hemp plant. They provide different benefits, and come with unique traits. As research intensifies, more potential benefits like the entourage effect (as outlined below), continue to be uncovered. It really is an opportunity for you to select the type of CBD that is best for your circumstance, and for your body.

Full Spectrum CBD

•The entourage effect is available here. Many cannabis users believe in the entourage effect, the idea that cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds have a greater effect combined than when consumed alone. while research continues, it’s been shown that THC and CBD working together provides more benefit, while other users and additional research suggest that the individual pieces work separately and have no additional benefit together.

•Full Spectrum CBD has trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), the psychoactive property of hemp. Some users remain concerned that this THC could show in drug tests, and thus prefer the Isolate CBD.

•Full spectrum is the least amount of processing done to the oil.

•Motive offers full spectrum CBD in it’s line of full spectrum oil/tinctures and it’s mints.

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Isolate CBD

• Contains NO THC – thus it won’t show on drug tests. It is considered the purest form of CBD, produced by removing all other compounds found in the plant including terpenes, flavonoids, plant parts, and other cannabinoids.

• Professional athletes, and anyone who is drug tested, typically prefer this product.

•Isolate CBD is approved by the US and World Anti-Doping agencies to be cleared for any athletic competition.

•Motive offers Isolate CBD in all of the other Motive items not listed above. Please link here to see Motive’s complete line of items.

It is Motive’s mission to be an organic, natural CBD resource for athletes of any age, skill, and activity of choice. As a complete CBD resource, we offer a variety of CBD delivery methods, and product types. We are here to help make the right choice for you, and your body. Please feel free to email us any questions or concerns directly to

The NY Times posted a great article about CBD, as part of their “Scam or Not” series. It’s very informative, balanced and helpful as you consider CBD for your wellness routine. Link here to read this story.