Athletes endorse CBD. This is not news to Motive fans. Our own group of athletes, amateur and professional, endorse it’s benefits.

Jerry Withmore of Tech Geeked highlights the excellent results many high performance athletes are finding with CBD. This article features many professional athletes who are including CBD in their workout routines.

A great point made in the article is that CBD is allowed under the anti-doping regulations in place by the World and US Anti-Doping agencies. This ruling clears isolate CBD items for athletes to use in competition. Isolate CBD use will not place competitors in difficulties with athletic organizations.

The article also notes:

It’s important to understand that CBD is not a new miracle “red bull” that will turn you into the new sports star. There is no evidence that CBD can work as a direct supplement for enhancing performance. Nevertheless, the benefits of CBD are clearly amazing as it’s known to be a natural anti-inflammatory which can be of great help for recovering faster from overworking your muscles.

It’s known that consuming NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) for pain relief can have secondary effects, like ulcers in the stomach, when overused. CBD is also a natural painkiller but without the secondary reactions that can come from consuming aspirin and other NSAIDs.

Also, some tests on athletes using CBD have shown that it helps reduce stress. CBD as a natural relaxer can work for athletes that are under the pressures of competition as it helps alleviate anxiety and stress.

This continues the messaging we are seeing in many places around CBD. CBD is proving to be helpful for active people as they seek rest, recovery and rejuvenation in their wellness practices.

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